Attorney´s fee is ordinarily determined by the value and demandingness of the legal issue and could be adjusted according to individual financial possibilities of the client.

A contractual fee can be defined as follows:

1. Hourly fee

  • This type of fee may be agreed based on the number of hours required to render a legal service.

2. Flat fee

  • A fee can be agreed for complete handling of matters or a set of matters or to provide legal services either during a certain time period or for an indefinite time.

3. Percentage fee

  • A cash percentage of the value involved in proceedings before the Court or other body may be agreed. The maximum amount cannot exceed 20% of the value involved in the matter.

4. Tariff fee

  • The basic rate for a tariff fee is determined according to the value or type of matter covered in the tariff or based on the law and the number of legal acts the attorney will perform in the matter.

5. Combined fee

  • This fee combines more types of fees, for example flat fee and percentage fee.


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