Our law office provides professional legal services including legal counselling, representing before courts and other public authorities, legal acts writing etc., in following legal branches:

1. Commercial law

  • corporate law (establishing of all kinds of business companies and their organizational parts, changes in company) and association law,
  • liquidation of business companies and their organizational parts, clearance of companies from business register,
  • transfer of ownership interests in business companies,
  • elaborating legal analysis,
  • representing of creditors in bankrupt and restructuralisation proceedings, presenting proposals to start bankrupt or restructuralisation proceeding,
  • recovering receivables,
  • business law of obligation (preparing contracts, plaints and petitions),
  • common causes,

2. Civil law

  • law of property, tenancy in common and entirety,
  • law of real estates,
  • law of obligation,
  • debt recovery,
  • receivables securing,
  • executory law,
  • patrimonial law,
  • damages and unjust enrichment,
  • intelectual property law (copyrights, patents law etc.)

3. Family law

  • divorce process,
  • alimony,
  • children´s consignment,
  • form a contact between parent and child

4. Labor law

  • formation of employment,
  • termination of employment,
  • responsibility of employee,
  • responsibility of employer

5. Criminal law

  • cue for suspicion from commission of crime,
  • defence of accused in pre-trial,
  • advocacy of defendants at the bar,
  • representation of aggrieved person

6. Administration law

  • administration procedure,
  • violation procedure


Each client needs to be approached individually with the aim of building mutual trust and successful cooperation.



13 years of successfull legal practice along with continuous education means a guarantee of professionalism.



We focus on the solution, not the problem.



The only acceptable result is a satisfied client.

13 years experience • Top team • high percentage of won cases

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